The LHNA Security committee works to develop and maintain a safe and secure environment for the neighborhood. Loring Heights maintains an active Neighborhood Watch program, and utilizes paid patrols by off-duty Atlanta Police officers at certain times.  The LHNA Security committee also works with the City of Atlanta Police Department and the City of Atlanta to enhance neighborhood safety.

More sensitive security information is disseminated to registered residents via the Security forum on the LHNA Communication System.


Leaving town?

Let the police know when you're going out of town and they'll send a patrol car to drive by your place while you're gone. Here's how:

Fax a request to APD Zone 2 @ 404-848-7202. Simply state your name, address, phone number, the dates you will be out of town and request the Designated Drive-by. 


Meet your APD Officer

Loring Heights is in "Zone 2."  Click here for the contact information for the officer in charge of Zone 2.

 (For emergencies or suspicous persons / activities, call 911 directly!)