The purpose of the Loring Heights Neighborhood Association is to:

a. Formulate, disseminate, and pursue a community program for the
betterment of Loring Heights and members of the Association.

b. Exercise vigilance in zoning matters, so that the rights and interests of
the majority of residents are protected.

c. Maintain liaison with governing bodies so as to influence decision
making and remain alert to actions that are of concern to the

d. Promote a secure and safe environment within the urban surroundings
of Atlanta.

e. Promote the enhancement of public spaces within the neighborhood to
add to the quality of life of members.

f. Promote activities that will develop community cohesion.

g. Keep members of the Association informed of these activities and the
actions of the various committees, promoting involvement in LHNA.

h. Oppose intrusions detrimental to the community and its composition of
primarily single family residences.

Board Members:

President: Thomas Howell
VP/Land Use/Parks: Ron Grunwald
Treasurer: JP Goldsberry
Security: Shannon Harlow and Tina McGee
Social/Membership: Katherine Urquhart



LHNA Bylaws 12/18/2015